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    About us

    Shijiazhuang HD Medical Technology Co.,Ltd


    HD Medical is a high and new technology enterprise professionally engaged in the R&D, production, sales and technical services of Medical imaging produts.It insists on the mission of “caring about life and health”, and centers on technical research. Besides, it has always implemented the operation concept of being rigorous and pragmatic, showing strong executive force, seeking greater perfection and pursuing transcendence, and sincerely offered the extensive customers the high-quality, considerate and perfect services. Step by step, HD Medical forges ahead endlessly towards the everlasting ambition of communicating with customers at the bottom of heart, winning trusts with full sincerity and gaining high recognition with high quality.
           Since 2000, HD Medical has held the attitude of being responsible for the society and life. Up till now, the HD people rely on their rich experiences and intensive endeavors, and pursue the service goal of centering on people, building high quality, insisting on honesty and seeking transcendence and the values of life coming foremost and working happily; they strive to create a healthy life, advance towards vigorously on such a vast land of rich culture, fight for higher goals and more perfect dreams with full passion! HD Medical builds our brands with good publicity, which enlarges its scale and thereby creates benefits. On such a stage where people can make self-improvement
    and fight for dreams, it makes full use of its wise vision and meticulous thought and aims at meeting customers’ demands in further future!
    The company has many years of technical experiences and deeply understands the market in the medical image field. Thereby, it constantly pursues perfection, explores and tries new technology, and builds every product wholeheartedly. UC arm in DR series, U-shaped arm in DR series, mobile DR series, dynamic plate DR series, pet X-ray series, and suspension series. With advanced technology and high-quality products, we care about human beings’ health and share them with all people. The HD people will adhere to the guideline of “prospering national medical treatment industry, taking the path of sustainable development, and building HD image products”, and create their own great resplendence.
     “HD Medical forges ahead bravely and focuses on medical treatment wholeheartedly”. The HD people hold great ambitions, fight bravely, and insist on pragmatism and innovation; they seize preemptive opportunities, accelerate development and take the fashion trend of the era with advanced technology. Guided by the “internationalization” policy, in future, HD Medical will continuously join hands with international famous enterprises for investment and cooperation and absorb the internationalized operation concept and technology; besides, it will march into the whole world through markets in Chinese mainland and Asia. As the era progresses, HD is also growing. We, full of confidence and passion, strive to create a brilliant future!








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